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Amazing Facts About Music

Amazing Facts About Music

There is very vast importance of music in our life .When we feel lonely we listen the music, when the mind is disturbed we listen the music, when one person misses other person  , again we  listen  music . But do not know why, listening to the music produces a comfort in our mind and it relaxes our body.  Music is attached directly with our soul   . You have   listen songs thousands of times, but today I will tell you interesting facts related to Music which you must know while listening songs -
1. Music increases our working capacity while working.
2. Warner music earned $ 20 million for their "Happy Birthday" song.
3. We like our favorite song because in our real life we have faced that situation or incident.
4. The songs we are listening to, our soul also seem to mutate the same song.
5. If the flowers hear songs  , they will grow faster.

6.  We see the world exactly in the same way while we are listening the music.
7. Telecaster and Stratocaster inventor  'Leo Fender' did not know how to play guitar.
8.  Musicians life expectancy is like Zimbabwe's logo: the lowest on the planet.
9. The world's most expensive instrument 'stradivarius violin' was sold in 2011 for $ 159 million.
10. Daily music listening can change our brain structure.

11. 'Happy birthday to You' was the original lyrics 'Good Morning to You'.
12. Sometimes it happens that some songs sit in our brain and humming it all day, it is called "earworm".
13. The fastest rapper in the world is NoClue  (723 words in 51.27 second)
14. The baby born in the womb reacts more when listening to music.
15. Eminem wrote and recorded just 3 hours before the album 'The Real Slim SHADY' was released.
16. Pumpkin is used to make the sitar instrument.
17.  Music also helps people having brain injury to remember old memory and to recover them .
18. 5% of the world's people hate music, it is called "Musicial Ahedonia".

19. Due to the chemical release in the brain named “dopamine”, we shout while listening to the song. It often happens when the song is at its peak point.
20. In life there are very less activities that uses the brain and music is one of them.
21. Listening to the music in loud voices, may motivate one person to drink more in less time.
22. Listening Happy or sad songs depends on the environment around you.
23. Learning a music instrument may strengthens our reasoning skills.

24. There are 70 types of wood used for  making a violin.
25. listening to music by using headphones in ears increases Number of bacteria  up to 700 times
26. If the light music is playing then you do the work more carefully.

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