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Amazing Facts about Alcohol

Amazing Facts about Alcohol 

It is very strange that for the first time we do not buy or drink alcohol somebody donates us very kind heartily .All the parties ,functions , marriages  etc. entire the global is incomplete without alcohol.
I must first clear that any kind of addiction is bad for myself and society.
Whether the drug is Alcohol or cigarette or tobacco, it is bad. We say, stay away from them. Today I will tell you some interesting facts related to alcohol that no alcoholic can even know.

1. At present, 5 million people of the world have drunk alcohol.
2. After 6 minutes of drinking alcohol begins to become addictive.

3. Alcohol is never digested but it is absorbed directly by our blood vessels.
4. Around the world half of people below 15 years claims that they never got alcohol.
5. Alcohol does not make you forget anything but after drinking too much you cannot remember anything new.
6. Every Russian drinks 18 liters of alcohol every year, which is twice the number of harmful amounts.
7. People with blue eyes can tolerate more intoxication.
8. Staying away from alcohol Tobacco can reduce the risk of cancer by 30%
9. The world's most strong beer contain 67.5% alcohol

10. People who clean the streets in Amsterdam are given 5 beer, 10 euros and a little tobacco as a salary every day.
11. Beer was used more than water in the Middle Ages.
12. Before taking a professional shot in shooting , little bit drinking makes your mark more accurate.
13. In the 19th century, thousands of American schools were taught that you can be blind or crazy by tasting Alcohol once.
14.  Till now 91% alcohol is recorded in the blood of an individual which is highest and 11 times more than the valid drink.

15. When alcohol is added to straight-sided glass, people drink slowly but when they are inserted into curved-sided glass, people drink quickly.
16. 31% Rock stars have died due to Drugs or Alcohol addiction.
17. Out of the top 100 songs of all countries, 20 are based or linked with Alcohol.
18.  Alexander the great had once contested to drink among his soldiers. As long as it was finished, 42 people had been killed due to Alcohol.
19. Drinking alcohol is 3 times more intoxication when stomach is empty .
20. Drinking alcohol with food leads to late intoxication.
21. Some people think that by drinking Alcohol, the temperature of the body increases but in reality temperature decreases.
22. The bottle pressure of champagne is 90 pounds per square inch, which is 3 times more than the pressure of the tire of the trains.
23. A bottle of champagne contains approximately 5 million bubbles.

24. To make a bottle of wine, you should have 600 grapes.
25. The National Anthem of America has been written on the tune of Alcohol songs.
26. Due to alcohol, a man dies every 10 seconds.

27. Man needs 13 minerals for living, all of them are found in liquor.

28. Drinking alcohol in pregnancy can cause 428 diseases of the child.

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