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Amazing Facts about Brain

Amazing Facts about Brain

What is the brain ? Sometimes, in our heart, there is thought about so many wonderful things in the world and our mind is always ready for our orders.
Many times we are tired and say that today my BRAIN is not working .. but the brain is never tired. Today i will tell you ,facts about the brain that will stuck your mind after reading ....
1. If there is an oxygen deficiency in the brain for 5 to 10 minutes it can be damaged forever.
2. The brain is only 2% of the whole body, but it alone consumes 20% of the whole body  blood and oxygen .
3. Our brain continues to grow until the age of 40.
4. 60% of our brain has fat, so it is the body's most fat organ.
5. Our half brain can be removed from surgery and this will not affect our memories.
6. Children who learn two languages ​​before being five years old, their brain structure changes slightly.
7. 10% of the brain's use is also not true, but all the parts of the brain have different functions.
8. we do not remember few years of our childhood because "HIPPOCAMPUS" is not developed until that time, it is necessary to remember something.
9. Small children sleep much because their brain uses 50% glucose made by their body.
10. Brain cells are more at the age of 2 than any other age of whole life
11. If you had drank alcohol the previous night and now you do not remember anything then it does not mean that you have forgotten all this, but after drinking more alcohol, the man does not remember anything new.
12. In one day 70,000 views come in our brain, and 70% of these thoughts are negative (inverted).
13. Our half genes tell about the texture of the brain and the remaining half genes tell about the whole body.
14. If you work long hours on your smartphone then the risk of developing tumor increases.
15. If the size of the body is kept in mind, then the human brain is bigger than all the animals in the world. The size of the elephant's brain is only 0.15% compared to its body, but for human being it is 2%
16. When we are ignor by others then our brain feels exactly the same as if we were hurt.
17. Right brain / Left brain are nothing but these are just a myth. The whole mind collects the work.
18. There is very little use of mind in the process of seeing TV, and therefore it does not develop the brains of children early. Children's brain develops more by reading and listening to stories because children read more by reading books.
19. Every time we learn something new, new wrinkles develop in the brain, and this punch is the right measure of IQ.
20. If you persuade yourself that we have taken good sleep, our brain also considers this thing.
21. Our blinking time is less than 16th part of a second, but the brain keeps the image of any object up to the 16th part of the second.
22. Even after wearing a helmet, the chances of an injury to the brain are 80%.
23. There is no vein of pain in man's mind, so he does not feel any pain.
24. Thinking through a lot of tension for a long time, our brain loses its ability to think, understand and decide for some time.
25. The design of the mind of a drunk man becomes the same as when having sex.
26. To make the brain sharpen, apply henna in the head and eat curd. As the curd contains amino acids, the tension is removed and the capacity of the brain increases.
27. If a part of the name "Amygdala" is removed from the mind, then fear of human being. will end forever .
28. Brain and Mind are two separate things, till today the scientists have not been able to know at  which  part of our  body mind is present .
29. There is a "midbrain dopamine system" (MDS) in our brain, which sends signals to the brain about incidence of events that we may call it intuition or future forecasts. The more the person develops the system, the more precise it can predict.
 Q. we often say "our brain memory is full " . Is it true ?
Ans. The memory of our brain is unlimited, we will never say like a computer that memory is full. It is a different matter that the old unnecessary things forget it automatically, but when reminded of someone, those things will be remembered immediately. Now openly remember what you want ..
Q. The easiest way to speed up the brain?
Ans. The easiest way to sharpen your mind is to get a lot of water. By using 1 glass of water, the brain works 14% faster. it helps to concentrate


  1. Dude the information about the brain is really helpful and I came to know many thing about my mind ho sorry my brain was it? But anyway it really good man


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